In 2006 the Trust Nel Nome Della Donna received the donation of the bare property of a vast sea-side territory - near Melendugno, southern Italy – with an ancient Masseria with various building: la Masseria Le Sciare (in primary local dialect Sciare means Witches).

   The two women who transferred to the Trust this property will have its private availability until their deaths, but starting from 2007 some public events are already scheduled at Le Sciare.

   And from Summer 2007 there will be also, in a suitable space, an area of relax, picnic, and camping for women –we called it In The Name of the Tent.

   Later, Le Sciare will become an holidays and life residence for women, managed by the Trust, in the project In The Name of Age.




A place created by women for women

At the Masseria Le Sciare, the Mediterranean headquarters of the Trust nel Nome della Donna, we welcome a woman by herself or with others, and the women whom we are in relationship with, in our Guest House (19 beds). We will thus receive an economic support for our projects, and you will enjoy a quiet and healthy stay, a chance of meeting other women, the pleasure of conversation.

In the heart of Salento, between San Cataldo and Otranto, our 13 hectare-park is connected to the seashore by a private passage, there are horses and goats, a vegetable garden and an orchard, a heated swimming pool (roofed in winter), a golf hole, a private beach to practice sports in total freedom. One can also stay in a trailer and in a camping. The Guest House is open all year round.

We ask our guests to donate to the Trust Nel Nome della Donna, starting from a minimum of 40 Euros each per day for bedrooms, 20 € in the trailer, 5 € in the camping.

Arriving to Le Sciare
From Brindisi airport 45 minutes (by car)
From Lecce railway station 20 minutes (by car)

Contact us
Tel + 39 0832 896939 - Mobile + 39 335480143
email: trust@nelnomedelladonna.org
www.nelnomedelladonna.org/LeSciare.htm ; www.masserialesciare.org;

Masseria Le Sciare - Strada prov. 366 al km. 11,760 - 73026 Melendugno ( Lecce)


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