THE SNAIL:      


   The Trust supports La Chiocciola (The Snail), a series of Zane Publishing of Melendugno (Italy). La Chiocciola is an editorial project of women, producing books of women only, at a political price of 5 euros and with choices connected to passion for feminine freedom, much more than to money.

   So far La Chiocciolaís books are:

Fiorella Cagnoni, Due Racconti (Two Stories)
Marc deí Pasquali, I cani non abbaiano a Polina (Dogs do not bark in Polina)
Sylvie Coyaud, Lucciole e Stelle - brevi storie di ricerche serie e no (Fire-flies and Stars Ė short stories of serious - or not - researches)
Fiorella Cagnoni, Alice Carta in Inghilterra ( Alice Carta in Great Britain)
Angela Cascone, Basta che piova
Maria Enrica Castiglioni,  Liriche Amiche

La Chiocciolaís books are sold by all Italian womenís places and in the most important libraries.
If you donít find them, contact


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