The Nel Nome della Donna (In The Name of The Woman) Trust was founded on July 1, 2004, for a period of (for the time being) 80 years.

   By the October 16, 1989 ratification of the Aja Convention, effective January 1, 1992, the Trust - or Foundation - became active and recognized by the Italian civil law regulation as well.

   A massive innovation in Italian legal panorama, as in all systems whose roots lay in Roman Wright, the Trust is on the contrary a legal institute used in common law Countries (Great Britain first of all) for more than five centuries.

    Nel Nome della Donna Trust is a deed governed by English Law, by which the Settlors transferred the property of some assets to a third entity, named Trustee, who will manage them in favour of several classes of beneficiaries, women or women’s associations who will receive donations or loans.


  The Trustee's activity and administration are conducted under the control of the Protectors who have the specific power of  surveying that the Trustee behaves in accordance with the Trust's purposes, i.e.  for the benefit of the beneficiaries who will respond to the conditions specified in the deed and in subsequent documents containing Settlors' wishes and purposes .



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