Money is often the limiting factor in the success of both small and large freedom's projects. The
    women who with their first  donations constituted the
 Trust  recognize that money is important,
    and above all they  wanted to put back in circle their personal wealth, placing at other  womenís
    disposal not only commitment and energies but funds too.
    This intention is shared by the contributors both small and large who have joined the








          Giovanna Foglia, born in Milan and
    nomadic by  nature and  heart, has  lived and
    travelled  extensively  in  Mexico,  working  in
    innumerable professions architect and cook,
    craftswoman  and  businesswoman,  builder,
    pedlar, goldsmith.       She is also a great golf
    player.                               She always trusted in
    women's strength, and eventually decided to
    estanbilish the
Nel Nome Della Donna Trust.



           Fiore Cagnoni
, is a writer of suspense
    and fiction books, a  passion she cultivates now
    full-time  after 
completing  the  hundred-year old
business in the toy market.           Involved
    since   its   beginnings   in   the   Italian    Women
    Movement, she loves literature and
movies. She
    partners  with  Giovanna  in  every  undertaking,
    from golf tournaments to  women politics, to the



Serena Foglia, born in Trieste, Italy,  founder
   of the
Inedito Prize, prolific writer and subtle
   psychologist, was somehow like her birthís
joyful and sceptic, health activist and
secular, broadminded and formal. She left us

   on July 25th, 2010.                              



 Rosamaria Lettieri,
was born in Torre
Annunziata, Italy, and she emphasizes this fact. She is a great musician and a passionate musicomaniac. She creates  music and advertising, while she gives time and energy to womenís politics.                  


                                                        THE THREE PROTECTORS


                               Sylvie Coyaud, born in France but
    citizen of the  world, is a  famous and passionate
    scientific journalist.                    She contributes to
Repubblica Il   Sole   24  Ore  and  various  other
    media: the press, the web and to
Radio Popolare.     She  is since  many  years  commentator of  the
    successful   radio   programme
 Il Volo delle




  Maria Grazia Pellerino
is defence attorney in

Turin.             Her  passion  for  politics  and  human relationships marks her way of living. Former local councillor, is now Edisu Piedmontís President and Vice-President of Torinoís Emily.        She does not like   representative   offices,   but   she  does   love

administrating public interests.



                          Stefania Tomasini
,  tax advisory,  chartered  accountant  and  fiduciary  consultant,
                    expert in settling and managing trust , works in the
International Taxation Commission
                   and the  sub-Commission for the study of the Trusts in Italy for the "Ordine dei Dottori
                    Commercialisti"  in  Milan.      She combines an accurate professional competence to a
                    sincere and passionate attention for feminine freedom's projects.



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